• 15-Minute Oil Changes




    Eco Power
    • Environmentally friendly, semi synthetic oil



    High Mileage
    • Semi synthetic oil formulated for vehicles over 75,000 miles



    GM dexos 1

    • Full synthetic oil required for all 2011 or newer General Motor vehicles



    Full Synthetic

    • Delta Sonic's premium oil for the best possible protection.
    Includes choice of 5W20, 5W30, 5W40 or 0W20.



    Mobil 1

    • Full synthetic oil required by certain manufacturers



    All oil changes include up to five quarts of oil.

  • 17-Point Check

    Every 15-Minute Oil Change Includes:


    • New oil filter*

    • Up to five quarts of oil

    • Fluid topped off

    • Lubricate chassis

    • Inspect and fill differential fluid

    • Inspect and fill power steering fluid

    • Inspect and fill transfer case

    • Inspect battery

    • Inspect and fill washer fluid


    *Oil filters for select vehicles may be charged additional.

    • Inspect and fill antifreeze

    • Inspect wiper blades

    • Inspect PCV valve

    • Inspect air filter

    • Inspect cabin air filter

    • Inflate tires to ensure proper pressure

    • Inspect clutch fluid
    • Reset oil monitor

  • Oil Change & Inspection Locations

    Buffalo, NY1355 Niagara Falls Blvd., Amherst, 716-832-4050*2590 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, 716-874-5668*1264 Main St., Buffalo, 716-882-29412285 Walden Ave., Cheektowaga, 716-684-5880*Niagara Falls Blvd. & 80th St., Niagara Falls, 716-695-3560*4983 Transit Rd., Williamsville, 716-631-0771*Ridge & Langner Rd., West Seneca, 716-822-2285* Rochester, NY990 West Ridge Rd., Greece, 585-865-3794*2970 West Henrietta Rd., Henrietta, 585-427-0520*1660 Penfield Rd., Penfield, 585-381-86751841 Empire Blvd., Webster, 585-347-2200 Chicago, IL59 & North Aurora Rd., Naperville, 630-305-839713700 Cicero Ave., Crestwood, IL 60445 708-597-7885 * Performs New York State Inspections

  • Maintenance Services

    Wiper Blade Replacement

    starting at $9.99 per blade


    Head, Tail & Marker Light Replacement

    starting at $ 9.99


    A/C Evacuation & Recharge Service
    Provides interior cooling efficiency. Only available at Williamsville, Henrietta and Crestwood.
    Starting at $89.99


    Differential Fluid Exchange
    (per unit)

    Drain and refill the transmission, transfer case, final drive or differential(s) to extend the life of unit and provide smoother operation

    starting at $49.99


    Power Steering Fluid Exchange

    replace power steering fluid with new fluid to maintain smooth steering

    starting at $54.99


    Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange

    replace automatic transmission fluid with new fluid to extend the life of unit and provide smoother operation

    starting at $109.99


    Fuel System  Service

    removes harmful varnish and carbon deposits from fuel injectors, intake manifold, intake valves and cylinder heads; will increase gas mileage and performance

    starting at $64.99

    Radiator Fluid Exchange

    replace cooling system fluid with new fluid, protects to -34º and maintains proper engine temperature

    starting at $74.99


    Serpentine Belt Replacement

    replace serpentine belt which powers air conditioner compressor, water pump, alternator, power steering pump and pollution control pump

    starting at $59.99


    Fuel Filter Replacement

    replace gas or diesel fuel filter which filters debris entering fuel system

    stating at $59.99


    Air Filter Replacement

    allows fresh air to enter the engine, while blocking dirt and debris

    most starting at $12.99


    Cabin Air Filter Replacement

    provides better interior air quality and helps protect against pollen, road dust, soot and unpleasant odors

    most starting at $22.99


    Tire Rotation

    maintains even wear and prolongs tire life

    starting at $18.99

  • AOCA Certified

    Delta Sonic requires its technicians to be certified by the Automotive Oil Change Association. Each technician must successfully complete a hands-on training program and pass a rigid, 100-question exam given by the AOCA Technician's Academy of Dallas, Texas. Bring your vehicle to Delta Sonic and be assured there is knowledge under the hood.

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