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Valid for one free oil change every 5,000 miles. Free oil change can only be redeemed on the initial vehicle registered with the Unlimited Super Kiss Plus plan. Free oil change can not be transferred to other vehicles.

  • Oil Change

    Semi Synthetic

    High Mileage

    semi synthetic oil formulated for vehicles over 75,000 miles

    General Motors dexos 1

    full synthetic oil required for all 2011 or newer GM vehicles

    Full Synthetic

    Delta Sonic's premium oil for the best possible protection,
    choice of 5W20, 5W30, 5W40 0W16,
    or 0W20

    Mobil 1

    Premium Full Synthetic Oil offering the
    best performance and protection


    Pennzoil Euro

    Full synthetic oil specially formulated for European Vehicles

    All oil changes include our
    courtesy maintenance check:

    • New oil filter
    • Up to five quarts of oil
    • Lubricate chassis
    • Visually inspect front differential
    • Visually inspect rear differential
    • Visually inspect transfer case
    • Inspect and fill transmission fluid
    • Inspect and fill power steering fluid
    • Inspect and fill washer fluid
    • Inspect and fill antifreeze
    • Inspect lights
    • Inspect wiper blades
    • Inspect air filter
    • Inspect cabin air filter
    • Inspect battery
    • Inspect serpentine belt
    • Inflate tires to proper pressure
    • Reset oil life monitor
  • Locations

  • Maintenance Services

    Wiper Blade Replacement
    starting at $11.99 per blade

    Radiator Fluid Exchange starting at $99.99

    Replace cooling system fluid with new fluid, protects to -34ยบ and maintains proper engine temperature.

    A/C Evacuation & Recharge Service starting at $139.99

    Provides interior cooling efficiency.

    Differential Fluid Exchange
    starting at $79.99 (per unit)

    Drain and refill the transfer case, final drive or differential(s) to extend the life of unit and provide smoother operation.

    Power Steering Fluid Exchange
    starting at $54.99

    Replace power steering fluid with new fluid to maintain smooth steering.

    Ultimate Engine Package
    starting at $139.99

    Includes 4 products that will clean Fuel System and Engine block components. This will help to improve engine and fuel performance.

    Tire Rotation starting at $19.99

    Maintains even wear and prolongs tire life.

    Head, Tail & Marker Light Replacement starting at $11.99

    Serpentine Belt Replacement
    starting at $79.99

    Replace serpentine belt which powers air conditioner compressor, water pump, alternator, power steering pump and pollution control pump.

    Fuel Filter Replacement starting at $89.99

    Replace gas or diesel fuel filter which filters debris entering fuel system.

    Air Filter Replacement starting at $21.99

    Prevents dust, dirt, and other particles from entering the engine. Helps to prevent engine disruption.

    Cabin Air Filter Replacement
    starting at $39.99

    Provides better interior air quality and helps protect against pollen, road dust, soot and unpleasant odors.

    Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange starting at $139.99

    Replace automatic transmission fluid with new fluid to extend the life of unit and provide smoother operation.

    Brake Fluid Exchange starting at $119.99*

    Replaces old brake fluid with new brake fluid to help remove any moisture build up that may be absorbed through the seals and can cause corrosion in the braking system.

    Recommended: Per Manufacturer's Specifications.

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